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If you’re worried that a friend or family member needs alcoholism treatment, you might be right. Many adults experience alcohol addiction each year and, through alcoholism treatment, are able to recover from their addiction. While not everyone who drinks heavily needs to seek alcoholism treatment, it’s important to note that many do. Alcoholism is a very real and dangerous problem that requires help. Many times, friends and relatives aren’t sure how to help someone who needs alcoholism treatment, especially if the person is unwilling to admit that they have a problem.

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Alcohol Abuse VS Alcohol Addiction

There’s a difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction. While well-meaning friends and relatives may use these terms interchangeably, it’s important to understand the distinction. While both of these are very dangerous, addiction is a much harder problem to deal with.

Alcohol abuse is simply when someone uses alcohol in an unsafe way. The person might binge drink at parties or make poor decisions while drinking. Someone who abuses alcohol might drive while under the influence or might drink far too often. They are typically not, however, addicted to drinking.

Someone suffering from an alcohol addiction is physically unable to stop drinking. They experience cravings when they aren’t drinking and might even feel sick if they don’t drink. An addict might want to stop drinking, but probably doesn’t know where to begin seeking help for their addiction. Additionally, facing an addiction can be socially overwhelming. The addict might be afraid that others will find out about the addiction and judge them for it.

Signs and Symptoms

There are many warning signs and symptoms that someone may be an alcoholic. One of the first signs is tolerance. If an individual begins using more and more alcohol to achieve their buzz, they are building up a tolerance to alcohol. This happens when the body consumes so much that it basically gets used to it.

Another common sign of alcoholism is when someone gets into legal trouble related to their drinking. Someone who engages in drunk and disorderly conduct or who gets caught drinking and driving might be an alcoholic who needs alcoholism treatment.

Understand that someone who struggles with alcoholism might desperately want to stop drinking, but is unable to. This is where alcoholism treatment comes into play. Addicts often require help from someone other than themselves to be able to completely stop drinking.

Physical Consequences of Alcoholism

The physical consequences of alcoholism are staggering. When an alcoholic tries to stop drinking, their body will start to go through withdrawals. This could include tremors, sweating, nausea, seizures and insomnia. While the alcoholic may not realize exactly what’s happening, they will realize that alcohol will make them feel better, at least for a little while, and will seek out that next drink.

Treatment Options

Fortunately, there are many treatment options available for alcoholism. Medical detoxification is one of the first steps and is a way to safely get through the initial withdrawal period. When someone goes through a medical detox, they will be monitored for their safety by a physician who can administer medication when necessary. If someone is severely addicted, they will need medical oversight while going through detox because their body could go into shock.

Alcoholism treatment often includes inpatient or outpatient recovery programs, which includes group sessions and individual counseling to help cope with the problem. The patient will learn stress management techniques, as well as how to cope with the daily stress of their life.

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