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addiction treatment center Atlantic City nj
addiction treatment center Atlantic City nj
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Drug Rehab Centers Atlantic City provides a serene, state-of-the-art environment in which to recover from drug addiction.  We have been helping patients to overcome addiction and live productive drug free lives for over twenty years. We take a whole person treatment approach that address the mind, body and spirit connection. At Drug Rehab Centers Atlantic City, we treat addictions to heroin, meth, cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs, inhalants and synthetic drugs as well as other emotional and behavioral disorders.

We recognize the invasive nature of addiction and that treatment must go beyond simply halting drug use.  The primary goal of the medical team at Drug Rehab Centers Atlantic City is to enable sustained sobriety after rehab. As such, we focus on addressing the root causes of addiction.  We are able to effective help you to overcome addiction because we have the experience and qualifications to address the complexities of this disease.

As such our staff consists of a multidisciplinary team of board certified physicians, psychiatrist, nursing professionals, licensed social workers, mental health counselors and addiction specialists. Their various disciplines enable them to also provide naturopathic medicine, emergency medical interventions and administer pharmacological treatment when necessary.

Help is available when you call Drug Rehab Centers Atlantic City at (609) 770-6178.

We offer various options to access treatment at our facility such as:

  • Inpatient Medical Detox
  • Residential Treatment Programs
  • Intensive Outpatient Rehab
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Relapse Prevention Program
  • Sober Living Community

Your arrival at our drug rehab center marks the beginning of a fascinating journey towards recovery from addiction. Treatment occurs in an ambiance of compassionate care and ongoing support.  We integrate both holistic and traditional therapeutic protocols that work synergistically to empower you to achieve your recovery goals.

These processes also incorporate when possible, therapy for family members who will be a big part of your efforts to abstain from drug use after rehab.  Studies show that when family members participate in educational programs and therapy sessions that help them to learn coping techniques as well as appropriate ways to support their loved one, the potential for long term sobriety is greatly enhanced.

Our integrative treatment programs also help you to explore the path that led you to addiction in the first place.  These factors may include undiagnosed mental disorder, unresolved trauma, genetic predisposition or poor coping skills.  By understanding that once the addiction process is set in motion through a buildup of tolerance levels, it drive habitual use of drugs that inevitably leads to addiction. If this process is left unhindered the disease progresses wreaking havoc on your health and well-being. Educations and counseling also help both family members and those in recovery to set aside the negative stigma associated with this disease.

Relapse Prevention

You will also learn to identify and understand the triggers to drug use that are unique to you.  Through our Relapse Prevention and Training program, you are further empowered with the ability to prevent avoid resuming drug use.  We help you to understand the various stages of a drug relapse and the dangers inherent in it.

This is a critical component of our recovery program that works in conjunction with our aftercare planning strategies and transitional programs. The goal of our treatment professionals is to design an effective, customized treatment regimen that provides the structure, education and skill set necessary to overcoming addiction and live a drug free lifestyle.

If you or a loved one needs treatment for addiction in Atlantic City, NJ call Drug Rehab Centers Atlantic City today at (609) 770-6178. Our care counselors are available 24/7 to provide answers about our treatment programs, admission process and various treatment options that are available to you.

About Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic County, New Jersey has long been known for being a favored tourist destination.  This city according to the 2013, census has a current population of 39,551.  It is also home to the Miss American Pageant and was the inspiration for the “Monopoly” board game.  Community leaders in Atlantic City work tirelessly to curtail substance abuse and support legitimate business partnerships to facilitate growth and development.  In addition to its beaches and boardwalks, Atlantic City is renowned for its gambling casinos.  Although Atlantic City has over the years, lost some of its original prestige, resurgence of its casinos has successfully boosted the City’s flagging economy.

addiction treatment center Atlantic City nj

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addiction treatment center Atlantic City nj

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addiction treatment center Atlantic City nj

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